AKY-NV-X Super Night Vision System Dashcam, Dual Channel and Host Separation, BSD System, Real-time Display Dashcam, 24H Parking Monitor, 11-inch Touch Screen

AKY-NV-X Super Night Vision System Dashcam, Dual Channel and Host Separation, BSD System, Real-time Display Dashcam, 24H Parking Monitor, 11-inch Touch Screen

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Memory Card
Power Cable for Parking Monitoring
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Discover a New World After Dark with Our Revolutionary Night Vision Technology - an Eye-Opening Experience That You Have to See to Believe!

The Darker the Lighting, the Stronger the Night Vision Capabilities.
Helps You Anticipate and Assess Road Conditions.
Being able to see in full color at dark, As though it were day.
See what you could never see before.
A Brighter and Clearer Field of Vision Than the Naked Eye.

Driving at night is more dangerous than during the day! There is reduced visibility due to the lack of natural light. This can make it harder to see the road ahead, as well as other vehicles, pedestrians, and obstacles. Even on roads that you're familiar with, the scenery can be vastly different during the day and night. Meanwhile, Nighttime driving is limited by visibility, which can only be improved by car lights and street lights, and this will cause a delay in recognition and judgement during emergency situations.

We're here to help you drive confidently at night without worrying about returning home after sunset.

Sharp Turn Road(Footage)
Dim-lit Country Roads

AKY-NV-X helps drivers to confidently navigate low-light environments such as dimly lit country roads, sharp turn roads, or tunnels with its night vision distance that exceeds the reach of high beam headlights. It also utilizes advanced image-filtering algorithms to remove visual "noise" and correct for droplets or fog that could obscure visibility caused by rainy days.

Snowy Night

Heavy snow

Rainy Night
Dark parking lot

Stay out later, come home safe.

The AKY-NV-X was developed specifically to reduce nighttime accidents, enhance the safety of night driving, and eliminate the fear of driving at night. 

Despite the fact that driving at night only accounts for a small portion of driving time, the statistics reveal that the likelihood of accidents at night is more than double that during the day. This underscores the need for a high-quality night vision camera to enhance the safety of night driving. While there are many dashcams on the market that claim to have night vision features, most of them are hindered by performance constraints, making it impossible to guarantee safe driving in adverse weather conditions or extreme darkness.

Why settle for a mediocre driving experience when you can upgrade to our super night vision dashcam and see clearly in the dark? Order now and experience the difference for yourself!

  • F1.0 aperture fast lens – delivers increased light intensity, perfect for recording in dim light.

The smaller the F value, the stronger the night vision ability. An F1.0 lens is often referred to as having "the same brightness as the human eye." Algorithmic adjustments to parameters such as saturation and contrast help to balance the brightness in an image, improving its clarity.


  • Sony Starvis 1/1.8inch low-light imaging sensor.

The larger sensor size allows for increased light sensitivity, which makes it easier to capture clear images in low-light conditions. The sensor is calibrated for accurate color reproduction, which helps to ensure that images have accurate and vivid colors, even in challenging lighting conditions. 

  • Super Visibility - In the dark, the maximum can be observed 300 ~ 400 meters away.

AKY-NV-X provides up to 3-4 times the irradiation range of ordinary headlights, illuminating a distance of up to 1312ft. This enables drivers to better understand road conditions ahead and adjust their speed and distance from other vehicles accordingly, especially while driving on the highway at night.

Unlike other night vision systems with integrated displays, AKY-NV-X uses a smart mirror and separates the front and rear cameras from the host, providing more flexibility in camera placement.

 IP67 waterproof Rear camera can be used both inside and outside the car.

A rear camera is essential for preventing accidents from cars behind you. Even in rear-end collisions where the car behind is at fault, some may deny responsibility, making rear cameras necessary. Dual cameras provide all-around protection by recording simultaneously, which is especially crucial for large trucks with significant blind spots. With a dual camera recording system, you can have peace of mind while driving.

To cater to various recording needs, the front and rear cameras come equipped with suitable lenses. The front camera boasts a 67° telephoto lens designed for night vision shooting and zoom-in recording, while the rear camera is fitted with a 134° wide-angle lens that detects rear obstacles and blind spots using BSD technology.

  • Front camera

The front camera is equipped with a telephoto lens, allowing for magnified shooting angles and improved image stability by reducing camera shake. With the ability to zoom in on distant subjects and capture fine details, the 67° field of view telephoto lens is ideal for capturing detailed shots and providing clear night vision in dimly lit areas. Additionally, it offers better accuracy for license plate recognition compared to a wide-angle lens.

It is more suitable for night fishing, boat fishing, and exploring the magical world in the night.Hopefully it will make it easier to dock the boat in the boat slips after dark. Helps drivers dock boats more easily after dark.

A blind spot detection system can enhance road safety by notifying drivers of vehicles in their blind spots, particularly beneficial for beginner or older drivers who may have difficulty checking all areas of the road. The system employs sensors to detect approaching vehicles and notifies the driver via visual and auditory warnings, enabling them to respond to prevent a possible collision. The system is particularly useful during low visibility conditions like night driving or inclement weather.

In the case of continuous detection, the warning tone will not repeat. So it doesn't feel like noise.

Full-color night vision enhances nighttime visibility by providing a bright and clear view of the surroundings, allowing for safer driving decisions.

HDR technology captures a wider range of light and color, resulting in a more detailed and vivid image.

HUD safe driving mode provides essential driving information, including speed and navigation instructions, to help drivers keep their eyes on the road and avoid distractions.

  • Upgraded 11-inch 1920P Real-time Display - Like a Live Stream

The 11-inch 1920P monitor displays real-time road conditions, expanding the visual range, eliminating blind spots, and providing a better understanding of the surroundings for safer driving. 

Real-time display at Night

Real-time display at Daytime
  • Anti-glare, Anti-direct Sunlight Monitor

Based on customer feedback, we have improved our mirror-type dash cam screens by implementing the latest Full Transmissive LCD Display with enhanced anti-reflection functions, reducing screen reflection and minimizing blurred vision caused by direct light. This can help prevent eye strain and increase safety while driving.

Multiscreen display mode offers customizable display options for the driver, allowing them to choose the mode that suits their preferences and improves visibility. This can enhance situational awareness, leading to safer and more efficient driving.

The touch screen interface of AKY-NV-X offers user-friendly control of the device, allowing for easy setting adjustments and footage review. It provides high-resolution, detailed images and video, making it convenient and efficient to use while also improving visibility.

Swipe the screen up / down to adjust the camera angle.

Make blind spots all visible when reversing. The rear view images show with guidelines automatically when you shift into reverse, you can slide down to lower the rear view angle to have a closer backup image while parking.

You can slide down to lower the rear view angle.
  • 24H Parking Monitoring

Parking Monitoring automatically records any impact or scratch around the vehicle while parked, providing security and preventing dash cam malfunction due to prolonged use. This feature offers peace of mind to car owners, ensuring they have evidence of any incidents that occur while the car is parked.

It is designed for 24-hour automatic trigger parking mode function, which can provide continuous power to your dashcam from the car battery when your car is turned off.

Note: Purchased separately, not included in the package.

※ Add Power cables to upgrade your AKY-NV-X to get parking monitoring.
  • Collision Detection, Emergency Recording

The gravity sensor senses changes in force as the vehicle accelerates. In the event of a sudden shake or crash, the AKY-NV-X will automatically lock the video and preserve it, preventing it from being overwritten by other recordings. This feature can help drivers recreate the scene and expedite insurance payouts. It can also defend innocent drivers and determine the responsibility of the owner, reducing potential losses.

※ If an impact is detected, a 20 second video (10 seconds before and 10 seconds after the impact) is saved in a [Event] folder on the MicroSD card.
  • Manually Switch to Emergency Recording

With the AKY-NV-X, if you come across a moment you'd like to lock while driving, you can quickly switch to emergency recording mode by clicking on the designated icon. This will save the file in the [Event] folder, allowing you to capture special moments such as a stunning sunrise or a child growing up.

  • Automatic start/close recording with the ON/OFF linkage of the car engine

No additional manual operation is required, and recording will not be missed because you forget to turn it on.

The AKY-NV-X is equipped with a loop recording function that automatically deletes the oldest part of the video when the memory card is full, in order to create new memory capacity and maintain continuous recording.

TheAKY-NV-X dash cam is powered by a supercapacitor instead of a lithium-ion battery. Supercapacitors are capable of enduring extreme temperatures ranging from -4°F to 158°F, thereby preventing overheating and the risk of explosions. Compared to a lithium-ion battery powered dash cam, it has a longer lifespan. 

The GPS module of the dash cam accurately records your driving position, speed, and more. You can view your driving route and tracker on Google Maps, including speed, compass, using our Windows and Mac-compatible GPS viewer - [DV PLAYER]. This provides additional evidence in case of an accident.

Watch your recording videos,GPS logs on [DV PLAYER]

GPS module installation example:

The power cable is gathered into one line from the back of the case, and then bifurcates in the middle:

Installation position:


Host Bracket Mounting
Front camera
IP67 Waterproof rear camera(outside the car)
IP67 Waterproof rear camera(inside the car)

Use a pry bar to arrange the wiring to avoid any driving interference as the last step.

The AKY-NV-X is easy to install and compatible with most vehicles, including small and medium-sized cars, due to its flexible installation methods and support for different voltages.

The AKY-NV-X comes with a 32GB MicroSD card and can be upgraded to 128GB. It also has a 1-YEAR WARRANTY for peace of mind.

Electronic Manual: https://drive.google.com/file/d/1FAXyj5ElVPigodmFsPyUR4OJI3qFHhu4/view

It all began with a frustrating late-night drive home for our founder, Alex. He struggled to see other cars on the road, especially when changing lanes, and realized the need for a dash cam with Blind Spot Detection (BSD) function. The team conducted extensive research and user surveys to create a design that exceeded expectations.

The AKY-NV-X Night Vision now offers superior night vision and a built-in BSD system. Using advanced sensors and algorithms, it alerts drivers to other vehicles in their blind spots with a visual warning on the dash cam display. After rigorous testing and refinement, the product was successfully launched on Japan's largest crowdfunding community platform at early february. Now we are launching on Kickstarter!

Building on the success of our previous Kickstarter project, including the AKY-V720S, AKY-Z3GT, and AKY-998GX, we are a professional and reliable company with a strong reputation in the Japanese market through Amazon, Yahoo, and Rakuten. To inquire about our products, please contact us at help@akeeyo.com.