AKY-NV-X Super Night Vision System with Dash Cam

AKY-NV-X Super Night Vision System with Dash Cam

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Expected Launch Date: February 15, 2023
-- Enjoy the Super Night Vision at F1.0, Make night driving as clear as day.
-- Vehicle Blind Spot Detection System
-- Real-time display of road view on the 11.26inch large screen, like a live broadcast.
-- Front and Rear cameras Full HD 1920*1080P Image in Vivid Color
-- 24H Parking Monitor & Dashcam
-- Built in GPS + 32GB microSD card included
-- Rear Cameras IP67 Waterproof Design
-- Loop Recording / Impact Recording / Photo

Super Night Vision at F1.0, Make night driving as clear as day.
It can be clearly recorded even in places with no or few street lights.
Full Screen Display
Split Screen Display
Major Upgrade of the Screen - Anti-reflective Function
Minimize the suppression of light reflection, avoiding the blurred screen when sunlight is reflected, making it impossible to see clearly
Rear Blind Spot Detection (BSD)
During driving, when other vehicles are detected in the left/right rear blind spot of the vehicle, the screen will display a columnar warning bar and a warning sound to remind the driver.
HUD Mode
Connect GPS unit to display HUD mode. Vision ahead suspension speed, direction, date and other information.
Multiple Display Modes
The screen display can be set freely according to requirements. The touch screen can switch the display mode with one key.
Equipped with GPS function
Equipped with GPS function, the driving speed and location information (latitude and longitude) of the car will be recorded together, increasing the possibility of valid evidence.

※GPS can be turned off.
Rocording Mode
Emergency Recording (Impact Perception Recording )
In loop recording, when the G sensor senses an impact, the emergency recording will automatically start, which protects evidence images well. Take a good video even in a dark and empty parking lot.

Emergency recorded videos are saved as locked files and will not be overwritten.
Parking Monitoring Mode (Requires dedicated power cable)
Record troubles such as hit and run in all directions! When an impact is detected, it will start recording 17 seconds after detection. It is ideal for crime prevention for those who leave their cars in parking lots for long periods of time.
Emergency Recording (Manual)
You can also manually lock scenes that you particularly want to keep.
Press the button on the screen during continuous recording to enter emergency recording.

Loop Recording
From engine start to engine shutdown, you can capture everything that happens while driving.
Electronic Instruction Manual:
Camera CMOS FrontSuper Night View 2.0MP
1920×1080P 2.0MP
Viewing Angle FrontD67°H56°V35°
Frame Rate Front1920*1920P @30fps
1920*1080P @25fps
Frequency 50Hz/60Hz
Power DC12/24V
Screen 11.26inch IPS
GPS Support
G-sensor ●(High/Middle/Low)
HDR/WDR Support
HUD Speed / Date / Direction
Parking Monitor ※Optional:ACC Power cable
Parking Monitor Style G-sensor
Wi-Fi /
Blind Spot Detection
Recording method Loop Recording
Impact Recording
Parking monitor Recording
Sound Recording ●Support
Video Format Video:.ts
Loop Recording 1min
Playback PC(Windows/iOS) /Recorder
Storage method microSD Card
※8GB~128GB ≥ class10
Reverse assist Support
Camera Brightness
LCD Brightness
Date&Time info Support
LCD Auto Reverse
install location
Rear:Rear Glass(inside the car)
operating temperature 0~60℃