720° Panoramic Mirror Dash Cam, 2K+2K UHD|AKY-V720S
720° Panoramic Mirror Dash Cam, 2K+2K UHD|AKY-V720S
720° Panoramic Mirror Dash Cam, 2K+2K UHD|AKY-V720S
720° Panoramic Mirror Dash Cam, 2K+2K UHD|AKY-V720S
720° Panoramic Mirror Dash Cam, 2K+2K UHD|AKY-V720S
720° Panoramic Mirror Dash Cam, 2K+2K UHD|AKY-V720S
720° Panoramic Mirror Dash Cam, 2K+2K UHD|AKY-V720S
720° Panoramic Mirror Dash Cam, 2K+2K UHD|AKY-V720S

720° Panoramic Mirror Dash Cam, 2K+2K UHD|AKY-V720S

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Car accidents happen. Make sure you're covered with the 720° Dash Camera by AKEEYO and have the evidence on your side.


▼720° Footage (PC viewer) : Front + Left & Right Sides + In-car

Did you know that up to 73% of traffic accidents occur on the sides and rear of vehicles?

That’s why we designed both 360° cameras to capture a 720° field-of-view, providing better coverage and ensuring crucial events aren't missed.


 720° Panoramic View design, achieve no dead angle monitoring of the whole car environment, easily view side collisions, disputes in the car, making the evidence more comprehensive and security is guaranteed.

 Ideal for Taxis, Fleets, Parents of Teens, and Rideshare (Uber, Lyft) Professionals.

  • Shoot the entire space in all directions using 720° lenses.


AKY-V720S focuses on video quality first, ensuring that you’re covered no matter what happens.

The front 720° camera supports 3840P x 1920P video recording, while the rear115° cam support 1920P x 1080P recording. It recorded clear footage with true-to-life, appropriately saturated colors.


Meet broad vision beyond imagination with awesome details on this 11'' IPS full screen. Traffic conditions will be displayed in real time, the interface is easy to navigate.


Ever wished you had eyes in the back of your head? Being aware of what is happening behind and inside the car makes for safer driving.


The streaming video mirror improves field of vision by an estimated 300 percent and eliminates any rear seat, rear pillar or passenger obstructions, allowing the driver an unimpeded view of the lanes behind and traditional blind-spots.  


Remarkable IP67 waterproof rear camera ensures smooth operation in heavy rain. no matter what you're facing, AKY-V720S have your back.


The Sony IMX335 Ultra-sensitive CMOS sensor can effectively restrain the high beam lights to avoid the dazzling situation, improve driving safety even at night. Never miss what matters!

Tunnel entrance and exit is a high accident-prone area, but also the daily driving often encountered scenes, AKY-V720S equipped with HDR, can provide clear video by long and short exposure capture two frames into one frame image.

A single swipe to control the driving vision and screen brightness, one-click to switch cameras view mode. It's that easy!

Make blind spots all visible when reversing. The rear-view images show the guidelines automatically when you shift into reverse. You can slide down to lower the rear-view angle to have a closer backup image while parking.


Built-in GPS records the precise speed, direction and route of your driving every time. When you get home, you can see data easily from the past via the specific DVR player on Windows computer.


AKY-V720S equipped with supercapacitor. – it can withstand temperatures from -20℃ - 60°C while operating without pause. Parked in a blizzard? Parking in the sun?Driving nonstop through the desert? No problem here.  



If someone hits your car, AKY-V720S will automatically records and locks 30 seconds before and after, to ensure that the most important footage is kept protected, meanwhile the locked videos will not be covered.


When you have a moment, you really want to keep, you can click the "lock" icon save it manually, such as a beautiful morning or smile, a great view and a child's growing moment.


Built-in G-sensor can detect sudden collisions while your car is parking, and will automatically start recording any potential incidents, 24/7 Protecting Your Car.


Start recording while the car starts until turns off.  you can always find the video you’re looking for, such as the beautiful rainbow unexpectedly.

  • When the memory card is full, recording doesn't stop, and the system automatically covers the oldest files.

It was designed with a single cable way out innovative instead of messy cables.  

Tie the dash cam to the vehicle's own mirror by equipped with rubber band strips. And ensure AKY-V720S’s stability and reusability – you’ll be able to easily move it from one vehicle to another.

The flexible installation methods allow users to install AKY-V720S in most vehicle, so you don’t need to worry about whether it’ll work for you.

Front camera: Exquisite 720° panoramic sliding front camera for different heights of vehicles.

Rear camera: Rear camera outside the car. The installation position and angle are more flexible. It will also be equipped with an 8-meter-long cable, which is more conducive to adapting different car models.

Adapt to different voltage: The supported voltage of AKY-V720S is 12V/24V, which is suitable for most small and medium-sized cars.


You can run the mirror dashcams with the screen off (the dash cam still records) for a complete stealth look.  Please be assured that it will not interfere with your driving in case of emergency.

The competition have nothing on AKY-V720S, We're first in class, by a mile.



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