AKY-V360S 360° Dual Mirror Dashcam with 11.88” IPS Touch Screen
AKY-V360S 360° Dual Mirror Dashcam with 11.88” IPS Touch Screen

AKY-V360S 360° Dual Mirror Dashcam with 11.88” IPS Touch Screen

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The rear image of the vehicle is displayed on the screen in real time through the camera.


360° Wide Angle

Front 360° wide angle camera captures every detail happening on the way.



Equipped with SONY STARVIS sensor in both the front and rear cameras and packed with video enhancing technology (such as HDR/WDR), V360S lets you record crisp and clear videos be it day or nighttime.


Super Capacitor

The V360S uses a super high-quality capacitor to ensure continuous power supply for extended recording duration. This super capacitor ensures excellent performance of the dashcam in a harsh climate.


Four Recording Functions

[Collision Detecting] When the built-in G-sensor detects any collisions during continuous recording, it automatically starts recording a 15 seconds video clip before and after collisions. The video clip will be locked to keep it from being overwritten. 

[ Loop Recording] When the memory card is full, the newest footage will automatically overwrite the oldest clips, leaving you no worries of running out of space.

[File locking] If you encounter a scene that you want to keep, you can use the navigation system to manually record it.  The recorded video will be automatically saved as a locked file in the folder.

[Parking Monitoring] If the drive recorder detects a vibration caused by a vehicle  collision while parked, the power will be turned on automatically and a 30-second recording will be performed.
*Note: A dedicated katollobar can be used to activate parking monitoring

Useful Features

[GPS]  Records the precise speed, location(longitude and latitude) data while driving.
[Reduce Noise and Improve Recording] This product uses our unique technology to ensure high image quality and take noise countermeasures so as not to affect terrestrial digital reception or GPS reception.
[Adjustable Lens of Front Camera ] The lens of front camera can be adjusted up and down,  thus the camera angle can be adjusted freely.
[Parking Assist System] The parking assist system will automatically start when the vehicle switches to reverse gear. It reminds you of obstacles and distances when reversing, helping you to park safely and perfectly.
[Warranty] We provides a one-year product warranty from the date of purchase. In addition, free maintenance and replacement within 30 days after delivery.

Display Modes

[Multi-window Mode] It displays the front/rear/left/right on the screen at the same time. Double-click the image, it will display on half of the screen.

[Wide Mode] With the lens angled forward towards the windshield, the camera will display the widest available angle to show what's ahead of you.

[Ball Mode] With the lens angled down, this is a full 360° panoramic view, recording the car's interior and the forward exterior in the same shot. You can swipe around freely to view the entire scene.


Support Playback on the Computer 

With dedicated computer software, you can easily view important parts of video in all angles.

*Note: The dedicated viewer is saved on the SD card, so you can read the SD card directly on the computer.


32GB SD Card

It comes with a 32GB MicroSD card that has been verified by the manufacturer, and you can use it immediately after purchase without worrying about compatibility. Support SD Card Up to 256GB.


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