AKY-E1 3.0" LCD Screen 1440p & 1080p  Full HD Dash Cam

AKY-E1 3.0" LCD Screen 1440p & 1080p Full HD Dash Cam

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  • Front Lens: Full HD 1440 resolution, 2 million pixels, 150° wide angle.
  • Rear Lens: Full HD 1080 resolution, 2 million pixels, 140° wide angle.
  • Equipped with WDR & HDR, our dash cam  produces great footage at night and adapts automatically to different lighting conditions.
  • Our dash cam is easy to install,  it can be upside down 180° and installated on dashboard . *Note: if you want to flip the front camera 180°, you must set the screen flip in the settings menu.
  • The parking assist system will automatically start when the vehicle switches to reverse gear. It reminds you of obstacles and distances when reversing, helping you to park safely and perfectly.
  • Display Mode: Full Screen, 1:1,1:4.
  • It comes with a 32GB MicroSD card that has been verified by the manufacturer, and you can use it immediately after purchase without worrying about compatibility. 

IP67 Water Proof

The E1 adopts effective IP67 class protection from water. You can easily use it in rain and any weather conditions.


Super Capacitor

The E1 uses a super high-quality capacitor to ensure continuous power supply for extended recording duration. This super capacitor ensures excellent performance of the dashcam in a harsh climate.


G-Sensor & Collision detection

The built-in G-Sensor with variable sensitivity will lock the current video once it detects a sudden shock or collision, avoiding the video being overwritten in loop recording mode.


Loop Recording

The latest video file will automatically overwrite the oldest video file when the SD card is full.


Parking Monitoring

If the drive recorder detects a vibration caused by a vehicle  collision while parked, the power will be turned on automatically and a 30-second recording will be performed.

*Note: A dedicated katollobar can be used to activate parking monitoring.


GPS Logger

The GPS module can record the speed, route data and time (synchronized with GPS time) in the video file allowing viewers to display these data on playback.