Camping Multi-function Camera|AKY-M1
Camping Multi-function Camera|AKY-M1

Camping Multi-function Camera|AKY-M1

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Excellent lens configuration allows you to shoot a wider field of view and a clearer picture.

Mobile tactile monitoring video: When an object passes in front of the camera, RT01 will respond in milliseconds, capture and shoot quickly, with high-definition quality.

Time-lapse self-loop shooting: internally set the shooting format of 1, 2, and 5 minutes, and the cycle shooting is saved and replaced.

Time-lapse video recording; for better outdoor shooting, according to the shooting method of 1 frame per second, long-term shooting and use the minimum memory to store images.


Equipped with a built-in 9000mah low-temperature battery, it can directly shoot 1080P format for up to 36 hours, or 10W 1080P high-definition pictures, or 60 days of ultra-long standby (shooting 1080P for 30 minutes a day, or 1000 photos in 1080P format) of course The premise is the memory card capacity.


9000mAh battery capacity, unique reverse charging mode, can also charge mobile phones outdoors without electricity, 2.5 IP14 mobile phones can be fully charged from 0-100%.

The product is equipped with a 0.96-inch IPS screen 160*80P/1.47-inch IPS screen 320*172P, and the screen is displayed independently, which is convenient for viewing regardless of front and back shooting.

The super 2.4Gwifi connects to the hotspot of the product, which can be controlled directly without delay from 15 meters away, whether it is shooting or video recording, of course it can also be saved.

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