60FPS Super Smooth & 1080P Dual Camera Dash cam|AKY-998GX
60FPS Super Smooth & 1080P Dual Camera Dash cam|AKY-998GX
60FPS Super Smooth & 1080P Dual Camera Dash cam|AKY-998GX
60FPS Super Smooth & 1080P Dual Camera Dash cam|AKY-998GX
60FPS Super Smooth & 1080P Dual Camera Dash cam|AKY-998GX
60FPS Super Smooth & 1080P Dual Camera Dash cam|AKY-998GX
60FPS Super Smooth & 1080P Dual Camera Dash cam|AKY-998GX
60FPS Super Smooth & 1080P Dual Camera Dash cam|AKY-998GX
60FPS Super Smooth & 1080P Dual Camera Dash cam|AKY-998GX

60FPS Super Smooth & 1080P Dual Camera Dash cam|AKY-998GX

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Memory Card UHS-I(U3)

  • Documenting Accidents

Motorcycle accidents are tragedies, but unfortunately, they happen all the time. If you've got a video of the incident from start to finish then the facts are clear. Providing dashcam footage to your insurance company can not only save you money on your premiums but may even also expedite any claims you have by providing concrete evidence of who’s at fault. These features can be applied to a long list of potential liability scenarios: Improper lane changes, failure to obey traffic signals, reckless driving, you name it.  If you’ve got video footage showing that you were riding responsibly, then you’ve likely got all the evidence you need to absolve you of legal liability.

  • Capturing Your Adventures

Motorcycling can be a stunningly beautiful experience. Having a dashcam means capturing it more without sacrificing basic motorcycling safety practices.

Plus, AKY-998GX equipped with dual-channel, you can capture multiple angles at the same time. and you can build some pretty incredible clips with just your smartphone.

 The dash cam adopted the Hyper Motion innovative technology to make 1080P@60fps simultaneous recording come true. The more pictures you have in one second,  the smoother the images will move

Motorcyclists love to tell stories about things that happened while they were riding. Having video evidence to back it up makes the stories even more fun.

Dual motorcycle cameras are the best choice to provide full coverage and visibility. Resolution means good video quality and the best chance of capturing the footage.

AKY-998GX Dual camera dashcam captures flawless front and rear full HD 1080P footage whether it’s day or night.

  • 1080p/60FPS or 1440P/30FPS can be switched freely.

  •  6 Glass Lens - Professionally optimize the imaging effect.

 Front Camera:

Rear Camera:

The super wide 140° field-of-view each of its front and rear cameras minimizes blind spots and allows for the highest video resolution possible while capturing everything around you and your motorbike.

Looking at the image below, you can see how the front and rear cameras become silent and reliable witnesses of all events that happen around you (with or without your knowledge).

Install the remote control in a location which is easy to operate the buttons via your hand. While driving on the road, it is convenient to snap photos, switch images display or turn on/off screen.

The last thing you want to do while riding is to distract yourself. That's why the AKY-998GX has a remote with big buttons so you can use it even with gloves on.

The SONY STARVIS sensor operates in wide dynamic range, equipped with HDR&WDR, which is noiseless day and night, and it can correct overexposure and overdarkness due to the difference in brightness to ensure good visibility at all times.


Night vision - with street lights

Night vision - without street lights

Most of us take footage of our riding in order to share it with others, whether that’s on social media or on Youtube.

Wi-fi connectivity can allow you to effortlessly transfer the video files to your phone or laptop.

Built-in GPS module, it is used to record the trajectory of your driving route. Helps you keep track of where you've gone. You can review the GPS track of your ride and create a tour map to share it with the rest of the riders in your group.

  •  You can view through the "GXPlayer" software on PC, or "RoadCam" APP on the phone. 

Our cameras support you in capturing your rides in heavy rain, storms and winds. Both the main unit and the dual cameras have passed the strict IP67 waterproof test, and you can shoot freely even on rainy days. Therefore, when you are leisurely drinking coffee indoors, your motorcycle can still easily wait in the rain.

The host is equipped with a durable 3-inch IPS LCD monitor for superior image quality and scratch resistance. An LCD screen is useful when reviewing on the road, even if it is a small screen.

Reduce vibration and minimize image blur, no matter what kind of terrain you are riding on, you can ensure smooth and stable video recording. stabilization technology smooths out the shakes for a super steady shot.

  • Keep the video stable and smooth even at 120km/h

Battery life is one of the most important factors to consider.

Compared with the lithium battery type,  it has the characteristics of stable operation,  extreme heat resistance,  cold resistance,  and high durability,  and achieves a longer equipment life. Even if the power is off,  it can still operate normally.

The dash cam is equipped with a barometer, it can measure air pressure, altitude, direction and other data. it brings you practicality and helps during long-distance travel.

The race mode can test your motorcycle's acceleration time of 0-100km/h or 0-400m. Test the acceleration performance of your motorcycle, bring more fun for you.

With a gyro sensor. it can detect angular velocity and can lock the recording according to the amount.

The dual camera supports 360° rotation left and right, and 270° rotation up and down. You can freely adjust the angle to avoid missing the corner you want to view.

AKEEYO AKY-998GX is manufactured with strong yet lightweight composite technology and comes with an anti-theft stand for easy installation without punching holes in the device!

It can be seamlessly installed on a wide variety of vehicles, from motorcycles to ATVs/UTVs to snowmobiles and even military vehicles.

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