Dashcam with AI Noise Reduction & ENC Function |AKY-958N
Dashcam with AI Noise Reduction & ENC Function |AKY-958N
Dashcam with AI Noise Reduction & ENC Function |AKY-958N
Dashcam with AI Noise Reduction & ENC Function |AKY-958N
Dashcam with AI Noise Reduction & ENC Function |AKY-958N
Dashcam with AI Noise Reduction & ENC Function |AKY-958N
Dashcam with AI Noise Reduction & ENC Function |AKY-958N

Dashcam with AI Noise Reduction & ENC Function |AKY-958N

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We adopted the latest technology in the industry and added the noise reduction function to AKY-958N for the first time.
This technology reduces environmental noise through DSP signal processing.
The dash cam has a maximum reduction of 12 dB so you can get better SNR. 

ENC(Environmental Noise Cancelling)function can reduce various environmental noises.


The front and rear cameras can bring you smooth 1080P Full HD video.
Both cameras will simultaneously record the details of the entire road with 130° wide angle. 

wifi connectivity

The menu setting will be done through WIFI and the corresponding dedicated application "DVR Moto".
You can also preview videos and photos recorded in the app and download it to your smartphone (iOS/Android).

waterproof & Dust-Proof Design

The host is equipped with IP65 waterproof material, and the front and rear cameras are equipped with IP67 waterproof material.
Even if it is rainy or dusty weather, this design will not affect the dash cam to capture the interesting moments. 

Easy Installation

According to the high thermal conductivity of aluminum, the dash cam adopts a new heat dissipation design.
It does not have a display screen, and the wiring mounting is simple.
It can be installed under the motorcycle seat to prevent theft.

Super Capacitor

The dash cam is powered with the help of super capacitor.
It is a high-quality alternative to lithium-ion batteries and has stronger temperature resistance to hot and cold climates.


① Loop Recording

Recording will automatically start/end together with engine ON/OFF. When the SD card space is insufficient, the oldest file will be automatically overwritten.

② Manual Lock

By pressing the remote control, you can enter the continuous recording/emergency recording mode.

③ Impact Recording

The dash cam is equipped with G-Sensor, and the recorded files will be protected from being overwritten in case of emergency.

④ Gyro Sensor Lock

With a gyro sensor, it can detect angular velocity and can lock the recording according to the amount. The emergency lock is activated above 45°.


Using the GPS function, it can precisely check the vehicle's location and routes with its driving speed on the map. 

*GPS Module (sold separately)

Control at fingertips

Control manual recording and Wi-Fi connection with the press of the button.

Viewer for checking the video

The dedicated PC viewer software can easily view important parts, and you can view the recorded video from all angles.

*Since the dedicated viewer is saved on the SD card, you can read the SD card directly on the PC side.* With 32GB SD card.

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What's in the box


  • Model: AKY-958N
  • Display: No display 
  • Cameras: Dual cameras are 1080P, 2PMP
  • Frame rate: Front 30FPS / Rear 25fps
  • Lens optical parameters: 5G(4G+IR), F1.8, f2.8mm
  • Micro SD: 32GB ( ※Class 10 or Higher, Maximum memory support 128G ) 
  • Storage temperature: -20℃-70℃
  • Voltage: 5V 2A
  • Light source frequency: 50Hz/60Hz


The product provides a one-year warranty from the date of purchase.
 Besides, we will repair/replace the initial defect free of charge within 30 days after delivery.