Night Vision System 3.0 - Digital RearView Mirror Dashcam|AKY-NV-X
Night Vision System 3.0 - Digital RearView Mirror Dashcam|AKY-NV-X
Night Vision System 3.0 - Digital RearView Mirror Dashcam|AKY-NV-X
Night Vision System 3.0 - Digital RearView Mirror Dashcam|AKY-NV-X
Night Vision System 3.0 - Digital RearView Mirror Dashcam|AKY-NV-X
Night Vision System 3.0 - Digital RearView Mirror Dashcam|AKY-NV-X

Night Vision System 3.0 - Digital RearView Mirror Dashcam|AKY-NV-X

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Unlock a world of possibilities with the AKEEYO Night Vision Device.

Experience freedom in installation, unparalleled night vision performance, and an unwavering commitment to your driving safety. Join us in this journey of evolution as we redefine what it means to drive with confidence, day and night.

What We Upgrade

Your feedback highlighted installation limitations, inspiring us to unveil a new edition tailored to diverse mounting preferences. 

1. Can be installed on Rearview Mirror & Dashboard

Customization is the key! You now have the freedom to choose whether to mount it seamlessly onto your rearview mirror or elegantly on your center console.


Mirror - Day▲Attach to rear view mirror with strap


Fixed on the center console with bracket


2.  Voice commands

AKY-NV-X 3.0 supports a range of voice commands for your convenience. You can use commands such as "Show Front Camera," "Show Rear Camera," "Take Photo," "Open Screen," "Lock Video," and "Close Screen."


See Beyond The Darkness

Rely on AKY-NV-X for capturing crystal-clear videos, providing peace of mind during your drive journeys. 

▼ Full-color imaging, even in complete darkness.

▼ Bid farewell to fear when driving alone on winding mountain roads at night.

Dim-lit Country Roads



▼ On rainy days, navigating narrow roads without streetlights is as bright as day with our technology.

▼ When parking in the fields, AKY-NV-X unveils road markers and details invisible to the naked eye.


Discover Night Vision Camera

Whether you're an avid hunter, a passionate angler, or an adventurous explorer of the great outdoors, the AKY-NV-X Night Vision System is your trusted companion. Even as the night deepens, rest assured that AKY-NV-X has your back, ensuring a secure journey back home.

  • F1.0 aperture fast lens

    See the Unseen! With an F-value of 1.0, your vision transcends mere sight. It becomes an experience—You'll witness roads and landmarks come to life, painted in a surreal glow that's both comforting and breathtaking.

    • Sony Starvis 1/1.8 Sensor

    The 1/1.8” sensor boasts an expansive light-receptive surface, nearly double the size of the standard 1/3 sensor found in typical dashcam. This substantial surface area allows the sensor to capture an immense amount of light even in the darkest of environments.

    • Enhanced Long-Range Visibility

    Imagine driving through the enigmatic night, where your surroundings stretch beyond the horizon. Car's typical headlight projection – about 40 to 90 meters. It's fine for usual driving, but anticipating road conditions, especially on highways, is crucial. Now, meet the AKY-NV-X, armed with a potent telephoto lens that stretches its reach to an incredible 400 meters – a remarkable 3 to 4 times farther than regular headlights. This expanded range grants you more reaction time for speed adjustments and addressing vehicle concerns.

    • Capture and Magnify

    Incorporate the power of magnification and digital precision into your driving experience. With its long-focus lens, it possesses the capability to zoom and capture, surpassing the capabilities of a wide-angle lens.  

    Its accuracy in digital recognition is exceptional, making every detail crystal clear.

    Front and Rear Dual Cameras

    Equipped with high-resolution Full HD cameras boasting approximately 2 million pixels, both front and rear. 

    Every scenario demands a lens designed for perfection. That's why we've meticulously selected lenses to cater to the unique demands of our front and rear cameras.

    For the front camera, we've chosen a 67° long-focus lens equipped with powerful night vision capabilities. This lens is your gateway to enhanced perception, illuminating the unseen.

    On the other hand, our rear camera boasts a 134° wide-angle lens(Waterproof IP67), equipped with BSD functionality. This lens has a keen eye for obstacles behind you, ensuring a comprehensive rear view that extends your awareness. 

     Blind Spot Detection System

    Picture changing lanes on a bustling highway. Our BSD is your watchful companion, diligently monitoring those critical areas that your mirrors might miss. Using advanced sensors and intelligent algorithms, it detects vehicles and pedestrians, alerting you to potential dangers with precision.

    In heavy traffic or during crucial maneuvers, our BSD becomes your extra set of eyes, minimizing the risk of collisions and enhancing your overall awareness.

    We've elevated our BSD capabilities also. Now, it not only detects vehicles but also pedestrians – a remarkable enhancement from its previous vehicle-only detection. 


    11-inch Real-time Display

    The streaming screen improves field of vision by an estimated 300% and eliminates any rear seat, rear pillar or passenger obstructions, allowing the driver an unimpeded view of the lanes behind and traditional blind-spots.

    A single swipe to control the driving vision and screen brightness, one-click to switch cameras view mode. It's that easy!

    Swipe the screen to adjust the camera angle 


    Reverse Assist


    • Anti-glare, Anti-direct Sunlight Monitor

    Based on customer feedback, we have improved our mirror-type dash cam screens by implementing the latest Full Transmissive LCD Display with enhanced anti-reflection functions, reducing screen reflection and minimizing blurred vision caused by direct light. This can help prevent eye strain and increase safety while driving.

    • HUD safe driving mode

    HUD provides essential driving information, including speed and navigation instructions, to help drivers keep their eyes on the road and avoid distractions.


    • GPS module

    The GPS module of the dash cam accurately records your driving position, speed, and more. You can view your driving route and tracker on Google Maps, including speed, compass, using our Windows and Mac-compatible GPS viewer.


    Recording Capability

    You can record reliably without any operation, and you will not miss a shot even if something happens. Even beginners can use it easily.

    Recording starts/ends automatically in conjunction with engine ON/OFF.


    • 24H Parking Monitoring(optional)

    Parking Monitoring automatically records any impact or scratch around the vehicle while parked, providing security and preventing dash cam malfunction due to prolonged use. 

    • Collision Detection, Emergency Recording

    In the event of a sudden shake or crash, the AKY-NV-X will automatically lock the video and preserve it, preventing it from being overwritten by other recordings. This feature can help drivers recreate the scene and expedite insurance payouts. It can also defend innocent drivers and determine the responsibility of the owner, reducing potential losses.

    • Equipped with GPS Module

    The GPS module of the AKY-NV-X accurately records your driving position, speed, and more. This provides additional evidence in case of an accident.




    Front camera & Screen


    Rear camera(can be installed outside and inside the car)


    Our product has been extensively tested by numerous Japanese and American YouTubers. To get a comprehensive understanding of the night vision capabilities, we encourage you to check out the YouTube video playlist we've compiled.

    Here is the link to the playlist


    The AKY-NV-X is easy to install and compatible with most vehicles, including small and medium-sized cars, due to its flexible installation methods and support for different voltages.

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