4K+2K Dual Channel Dashcam with Wi-Fi|AKY-D10
4K+2K Dual Channel Dashcam with Wi-Fi|AKY-D10
4K+2K Dual Channel Dashcam with Wi-Fi|AKY-D10
4K+2K Dual Channel Dashcam with Wi-Fi|AKY-D10
4K+2K Dual Channel Dashcam with Wi-Fi|AKY-D10
4K+2K Dual Channel Dashcam with Wi-Fi|AKY-D10

4K+2K Dual Channel Dashcam with Wi-Fi|AKY-D10

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Shot On AKEEYO D10

Driving is one hell of a task, especially in extreme weather like snowy winters with icy roads. Every year, car accidents that take place on snowy, wet, or icy roads are responsible for the deaths of over 1300 people and injuries to over 116800 others.

Preventing blackmail and accident liability determination, which should be the most important function of dash cams. The dash cam manufactured by AONCIA is useful for driving in severe weather conditions and features super capacitors that can withstand severe weather. AONCIA dash cameras will provide you with the video proof you require, Help you restore to the truth.

AONCIA has impressed on  drivers the importance of dash cam,  and has improved many people 's driving experience.

D10 Dash Cam uses the industry-renowned Novatek chip, front camera can record videos up to a resolution of 3840p. which is 4 times resolution of traditional 1080P dash cameras, clearly capturing license plates and road signs. Ultra HD 4K video resolution can also provide high-definition footages for self-driving travel enthusiasts. captures beautiful 3840p video even while driving fast.

【Important Tips】: because it's a High Resolution 4K car camera, please ensure to use a brand U3 Micro SD card and also format it before first use.

In order to solve the problem of single-channel car recorder wide angle distortion, too many blind spots, AONCIA launched a dual-lens car recorder. The D10 dash cam features an ultra-high-definition 4K front camera and 2K rear camera, the monitoring scope is much larger than a single lens of a vehicle traveling data recorder, and shooting video images will not appear in any deformation.

  •  Why choose two-channel dash cams?

The rear camera prevents a car from scraping you from the rear or side. The rear-end collision is entirely the responsibility of the car behind, but some people will pass the buck. In this case, rear cameras are necessary. Especially for some large trucks, the blind area is relatively large. Both cameras record simultaneously when the car starts up, giving your car all-around,in-time protection.

If the wide-angle is too large, the picture will be distorted; if the wide-angle is too small, the road coverage will be narrow. Therefore, we have designed dual cameras with a 140° viewing angle, which not only effectively reduces blind spots, but also provides you with a wider field of vision and captures a more realistic picture. Both cameras record simultaneously when the car starts up, giving your car all-around,in-time protection.

D10 Dash Cam Built-in Wi-Fi transmitter, Dashcam achieves blazing speed for file transfer. By using the “RoadCam” App to view and manage dash cam recordings instantly on your iOS and android devices. By using the app, you can download your recorded 4k videos directly to your smart phone and then easily share these on social media with friends and family.

The GPS module accurately records your driving position and speed and much more. View your driving route and tracker on google map along with speed, compass,  with our Windows and Mac-compatible GPS viewer - [GXPLAYER], providing additional evidence should an accident occur.

The D10 car camera is equipped with a 6-layer high-definition glass lens group with an infrared filter, high-definition WDR technology, F1.5 apertures intelligent identification of the shooting scene, which effectively enhances the night vision ability and provides you with clear night video. The video is always in the right exposure and contrast in any environment.

The D10 dash cam is supercapacitor powered instead of lithium batteries. Supercapacitors can withstand extreme temperatures from -4°F to 158°F, preventing overheating and the risk of explosion. Compared with lithium-ion battery dash cam, it has a longer service life.

When the memory card capacity of the D10 driving recorder is full, the loop recording function of the driving recorder will automatically delete the part of the video farthest from the current time to obtain new memory capacity to keep continuous recording.

D10 also supports manual video locking, you only need to press the [Lock] button during normal recording, the operation is simple and you can lock any video you want to save so that it will not be overwritten or deleted.

  • Motion Detection

If an object moves within the range of the camera, the D10 will be able to sense it and then capture an image of the surroundings. It will remain dormant if there is no movement around it. This can not only ensure safety monitoring when the vehicle is parked, but also prevent the driving recorder from malfunctioning due to long-term work. Certain circumstances require 24-hour monitoring of your car. For example, the parking environment is particularly poor, which may easily lead to scratch accidents; the price of the car is particularly high; there are valuables in the car.

  • Collision Detection, Emergency Recording

Gravity sensor senses changes in force as the vehicle accelerates. When the vehicle is violently shaken or crashed, the D10 will automatically lock the video and save it, which will not be overwritten by other videos. This function can help the driver restore the scene situation. Expedite Insurance PayoutsDefend innocent drivers, and find out the attribution of responsibility to the owner to reduce certain losses.

If an impact is detected, a 20 second video (10 seconds before and 10 seconds after the impact) is saved in a [Event] folder on the MicroSD card.

This is an optional part. It is designed for 24-hour automatic trigger parking mode function, which can provide continuous power to your dashcam from the car battery when your car is turned off.

Note: Purchased separately, not included in the package.

By capturing multiple key pictures of the same scene and shooting time, they are concatenated into a dynamic video. You can watch video clips of bad events like accidents in minutes.

Rides continuously for an hour, relevant information will be posted on the screen. It will improve the safety of your long rides.

The D10 Dash Cam is Mini hidden shape won't distract driving vision: no complicated settings, plug and use. The mini body size of this dash cam(1.96*1.25*1.18 inches) can also be installed behind the rear view mirror perfectly, never blocking your view.

* Set the time to automatically turn off the LCD display after no operation. The recording of this dash cam would not let you be distracted by the screen recording while driving.

We prepare a dedicated 32GB SD card for each car dash cam.This dash camera for cars is backed by a full 1-YEAR WARRANTY.

This model is pre-sale and is expected to be delivered in March.

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