Plum NiZ Bluetooth/Wire Dual Modes Electrostatic Capacitive Keyboard (Named Anda)

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  • [Bluetooth/ Wired Dual-Mode] The NiZ Anda series Dual-mode EC keyboard use CSR Bluetooth 4.0 chip, which has low power consumption, much stable connection and lower input delay. It can support 3 different devices for switching. Anda Series support Android/ iOS/ Windows 8/ Windows 8.1/ Windows 10/ Mac OS while switching to Bluetooth mode. The battery is 4000mAh, and it ensure continuous use of 60 hours . It supports fast charging while using a 5V-2A AC adaptor( Computer’s USB port can only output 5V-0.6A).
  • [HIGHT-SPEED CLICKING FEEDBACK, LOW DAMPING] The main scanning time of clicking is up to 0.4-0.6 millisecond. Once scanned, data will be sent to the host in a flash (equal to USB refreshing rate). The damping of every single is ultra low because of the unique self-lubricated structure, which will makes the typing extremely soft and comfortable. Besides, with patent of non-soldering hot-plugging static switch, no need to worry about the problem of elastic attenuation of your keyboard.
  • [IMPORTED THICKER POM KEYCAP - DURABLE] The whole moving parts of NiZ  are from POM of Polyplastics, with very low static and dynamic friction coefficient, you can get excellent smoothness from any input angle without using any grease. Completely silent structure design, built-in silica gel cover to maximally decrease the noise of typing.
  • [ELECTROSTATIC CAPACITIVE SWITCH KEYS] Different from mechanical keyboard and membrane keyboard, NiZ is a electrostatic capacitive keyboard whose triggering is from the change of capacitance value made by the conic spring. Therefore, theoretically it doesn’t have life limitation, it’s extremely durable. With the cold light laser character on every single key, its using life will far beyond your expectation.
  • [35g/45g PRESSURE Optional - SOFT LIKE THE COTTON] Under this pressure, any long time working or gaming will not cause organic damage to the joints, which concentrates much more on the user’s joint health.
  • [FULL ANTI-GHOSTING, ENTIRELY PROGRAMMABLE] NiZ  is a electrostatic capacitive keyboard with full anti-ghosting design. Just pressing keys as many as you can to do a test. You can customize all keys' function with the software provided ( windows OS ), trigger distance and sensitivity can also be debugged.
  • [Multi-Layout Optional] 75 Keys( EC75S-PRO-BLE) /84 Keys( EC84S-PRO-BLE)/ 87 Keys( EC87S-PRO-BLE)/ 108 Keys( EC108S-PRO-BLE)