NiZ ATOM66 Electrostatic Capacitive Keyboard Mini Size Programmable Bluetooth 4.0 Wireless/ Wired Dual Mode Keyboard

  • $199.99

  • 1.  The Smallest Electrostatic Capasitive Keyboard. Only 29.5 * 11 * 2.5cm.
    2. World's First Independent Definition Dual FN Keys Design-- Greatly improving Expansibility of Mini Keyboards. Unlike the Filco minila, ATOM66 's dual FNs have different definition. That means you can define Left FN+ and Right RN+ with different funtions!
    3. BT 4.0 & Wired Dual Modes. This generation NiZ armed with CSR's BT4.0 chipset. It can provide lower consumption & low transfer latency.
    4. Type C connector. Plug in charging/data transfer cable without positive and negative side. Much easier to use.
    5. Trigger Distance Adjustable. High/Low/Normal 3 sets to switch the trigger distance.