AKY-998G Dual Channel Motorcycle Dash Cam

AKY-998G Dual Channel Motorcycle Dash Cam

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Dual Channel 1080p 60 fps

The 998G applies dual channel 1080P 60fps with Sony Starvis sensors creates a beautiful, vivid image of the road front and rear in various lighting situations by honing in on the details.



The 998G is equipped with Sony Starvis Sensors for dual channel to record much brighter and clearer images with rich details even in a dark environment. It brings a super clear night version that other cameras might miss.


155° Wide Angle

155° wide angle for both front and rear camera to gain an extreme broader view of the road front and rear.


HDR & WDR Function

Equipped with HDR & WDR that can resist sudden changes in brightness to record clearly. 


Remote Control

A remote control mounted in a convenient location on the dashboard to click and start manual emergency recording as well as control Wi-Fi connection.


WIFI Supported

Built-in Wi-Fi to support Dedicated app on the phone. With Wi-Fi, you can easily view real-time recording, manage files and change settings on your phone.


GPS Logger

The GPS module can record the speed, route data and time (synchronized with GPS time) in the video file allowing viewers to display these data on playback.


Dust & Water Proof

The monitor and dual channel of 998G adopt effective IP67 class protection from dust and water. You can easily use it in rain and any weather conditions.


EIS Shock Proof

EIS shock proof provides clear recording even in a rugged road.


Super Capacitor

The 998G uses a super high-quality capacitor to ensure continuous power supply for extended recording duration. This super capacitor ensures excellent performance of the dashcam in a harsh climate.


Automatically Turn on / off

The 998G could automatically turn on when you start the engine and power down when you turn off your motorbike.


G-Sensor & Collision Detection

The built-in G-Sensor with variable sensitivity will lock the current video once it detects a sudden shock or collision, avoiding the video being overwritten in loop recording mode.


Loop Recording

The latest video file will automatically overwrite the oldest video file when the SD card is full.


Manual Recording

Press SOS button to start manual recording in emergency situation to save full evidence.


32GB SD Card

It comes with a 32GB MicroSD card that has been verified by the manufacturer, and you can use it immediately after purchase without worrying about compatibility. Support SD Card Up to 256GB.


Support Playback on the Computer

With dedicated computer software, you can easily view important parts of video in all angles.
*Note: The dedicated viewer is saved on the SD card, so you can read the SD card directly on the computer.